We hope you stay healthy but know that if you need us we are here to care for you twenty-four hours a day.
-Dr. Elizabeth Gordineer


Lunch Menu

May 18th to May 22nd 2015


Chicken Tenders   Hamburger Steak W/Gravy   Pimento Cheese Sandwiches   Green Beans   Rice & Gravy   Candied Yams   Carrot Cake

Healthy Choice Menu

Hamburger Patty w/Low-Fat Gravy   Rice   Green Beans   Salad Bar


Chicken Club Sandwiches   Onion Rings   Lasagna   Corn  Egg Salad Sandwiches   Pineapple Salad    Chocolate Chip Cookies

Healthy Choice Menu

Grilled Chicken Breast   Corn   Cabbage   Grapes     Salad Bar   


Turkey Wings   Country Fried Steak   Sub Sandwiches   Chips   Creamed Potatoes   English Peas   Pear Salad   Tang Pie

Healthy Choice Menu

Grilled Steak   Potatoes W/Low Fat Gravy   Squash   Pears   Salad Bar


Fried Chicken   Grilled Sausage   Macaroni & Cheese   BLT Sandwiches   Fried Okra   Broccoli   Apple Salad   Sweet Potato Pie

Healthy Choice Menu

Baked Chicken   Baked Sweet Potato   Broccoli   Stewed Apples   Salad Bar  


Fried Fish   Eggplant Casserole   Fries   Cole Slaw   Chicken Salad Sandwiches   Chili w/Beans   Banana Pudding

Healthy Choice Menu

Baked Fish   Baked Fries   Steamed Vegetables   Salad Bar  


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