We hope you stay healthy but know that if you need us we are here to care for you twenty-four hours a day.
-Dr. Elizabeth Gordineer

Phone Directory


CEO: Brandon P. Clary

CFO:  Kelly Cox

Executive Assistant: Kristie Tucker Ext. 1282


Director of Volunteer Services: Open
Direct Line: Ext. 1282

The Director of Volunteer Services directs the functions of the Hospital Auxiliary currently consists of approximately 45 members who dedicate their time and effort to improve the operations of the hospital as well as contribute to the hospital profitability through fundraising.

Billing Office

Director:  Jane Doolittle
Direct Line: 803-637-3174

Billing of all Third Party and self pay accounts. Patients will be billed when all insurances have been exhausted. Set up payment arrangements for those patients unable to pay their bill in full or need to pay in installments over time. We offer a Charity Care Program for patients needing assistance with their bill. If qualified, patients can have all or a portion of their bill adjusted.

Business Office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

1) ECH will bill any health plan you may have to help pay for your medical services.
2) We offer a variety of payment plans if you are unable to pay for your services in full.
3) We accept all major credit cards.
4) We offer financial counseling and guidance if you need to apply for Medicaid

Dietary Staff

Director: Jolea Jones

Direct Line: 803-637-1189

The dietary staff prepares meals for patients, visitors, and patient family members. We prepare regular trays as well as special diet trays. Our staff is committed to serving a well balanced and nutritious diet for all people. We are open 7 days a week from 6am-6:30pm.

Emergency Room

Emergency Room Director's:
Rob Tiller, MD
Dave Sealy, MD

Direct Line: 803-637-1180

Our Emergency Department is open 24 hours 7 days a week. We have a new 5 bed ER providing privacy with individual rooms, larger waiting area and separate Triage. This expansion also includes a new CT Room.

Emergency Room services 24 hour per day per FNP 3 days per week and MD remainder of schedule. Portable ventilator on EMS trucks only, none in-house. We do TPA/TNK (“clot buster” drugs), chest tubes, the rare OB delivery, rape exams, stabilize trauma and transfer usually to MCG Regional Trauma Center in Augusta. Burns are transferred to Doctors Hospital Burn Unit in Augusta which is the regional burn center. Most orthopedic emergencies that are too complicated for us to handle go to Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute. Some orthopedics are transferred to Augusta, whichever is patient preference and physician acceptance. All staff members, both nursing and medical, are at a minimum ACLS certified. Some staff are PALS and ATLS as well.

Our staff is friendly and committed to providing Quality Services, Education, Community and Patient Satisfaction.

Human Resources

Director- Timothy Williams

Direct Line- (803) 637-1188

The Human Resources department of Edgefield County Hospital deals with administration, management and training of personnel. The Human Resources department manages employee benefits, short and long term disability, and enrolls new hires.

Laboratory Services

Director- Gail Thorne

Direct Line: 803-637-1185

Edgefield County Hospital’s full service laboratory is comprised of approximately 10 people, performing over twenty thousand tests annually. The laboratory is the most accredited department with accreditations from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO), The Clinical Lab Improvement Amendment (CLIA), The Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) and the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

The laboratory staff works closely with medical staff, nursing and other departments throughout the hospital daily to provide quality patient care to the members of the community. The laboratory serves its clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The laboratory offers diverse services in the following areas: blood banking, chemistry, hematology, microbiology, phlebotomy and outpatient services. Also available is a comprehensive program for specialty testing.

In addition, the laboratory provides services for the employees of various businesses in the area such as pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing and health fair blood checks.

Health Information Services

Director: Faye Burton

Direct Line: 803-637-1170

Health Information Services (Medical Records) of Edgefield County Hospital serves many functions, including the maintenance and storage of patient medical records. A medical record is the written collection of a person’s health history as recorded by physicians and other health care professionals. The history includes information about your health, hospitalizations, tests, treatments and much more. Our employees are here to assist you with your questions about the department as well as to ensure that the information maintained within the department is accurate and accessible. We value the patient’s privacy rights and value the quality of health information. Your medical record legally belongs to Edgefield County Hospital, but you are welcome to request copies of your medical records if you need them.

Nursing Services Department

Director:  Cheryl Faust

Executive Assistant: Kristie Tucker Ext. 1282

The nursing program at ECH is successful because of the commitment and quality care RN’s and LPN’s and Nursing Assistant’s provide. All are licensed by the State of South Carolina and ACLS certified. Services

• Acute Care - An acute medical condition requiring over night stay.
• Observation - Up to 23 hours of medical care and observation.
• Swing Bed - Over night stay and skilled care including rehabilitation.
• Respite Care - Providing a brief respite or relief for care givers.
• Private Pay Respite - Patients may reside at EH and pay privately. This is an internal EH designation. Patients provide all medications and supplies.
• Hospice - Hospice groups provide Respite or Acute Care for patients requiring a high level of care.

Edgefield County Hospital Levels of Care Provided

All levels of care at ECH are provided by RNS and LPNs licensed by the State of South Carolina. Nursing Assistants provide care under the direction of the RN. All care is by direct order of the attending physician.

Acute Care
Patients requiring overnight stay to treat an acute condition. We are licensed for 25 acute care beds.

Patients requiring up to 23 hours of care and observation to treat an acute episode. The physician thinks that the condition will not require inpatient admission and can be sufficiently treated at this level.

Acute and Observation may require cardiac monitoring which we provide also. We have consultative services of cardiologists when the private physician wants to use this service.

Swing Bed
Patients requiring skilled care including rehabilitation. The requirements for admission are those set forth by Medicare and are the same as for any licensed nursing home in the state of South Carolina. Swing Bed can also be private pay.

We have some patients in the community who come in for a few days while family is out of town and pay privately for respite care.

PRIVATE PAY RESPITE patients are those who basically live here and pay privately a per diem. The family provides all medications and supplies for these patients. This is an internal ECH designation.

We contract with various Hospice groups to provide Respite or Acute Care for patients requiring this level of care. This may be for pain management, etc.

Operating Room

Supervisor: Lisa Turner, RN

Direct Line: 803-637-1183

We offer a variety of general surgical procedures including laparoscopic gallbladder, hernia repair, etc. Endoscopies are available, both colonoscopy and gastroscopy. General surgery is available weekly. We also provide orthopedic surgery to include arthroscopy. The orthopedic surgeon provides his service for us one day per month. Also included in our OR service is ophthalmic surgery such as cataract removal with intraocular lens implant. This service is also provided one day per month.

An anesthetist is available for all procedures. OR and PACU are staffed with ACLS certified RNs and Surgical Techs.


Director: Carla Quant, RPh

Direct Line: 803-637-1146

Pharmaceutical Care Services are provided by caring and dedicated professionals. Medication safety is our goal and quality patient care is our mission.

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm

Weekends: 8am-12noon

On Call 24 hours a Day 7 Days a Week

Working together to meet your needs.

Performance Improvement / Medical Staff Services

Julie Wilkes, RN

Direct Line: 803-637-1162

Performance Improvement

The mission of the Edgefield County Hospital is to “Provide Quality and Appropriate Care to All People.”

The purpose of Performance Improvement is to ensure delivery of excellent care to our patients by providing a mechanism and process to identify opportunities to improve patient care, services and safety.

PI encourages every staff member of Edgefield County Hospital to find new and improved ways of doing things. This process is accomplished by:

Identifying important services and types of care customers expect of Edgefield County Hospital;
Work out strategies to solve any problems;
Put the plan into action;
Evaluate the results of the plan; and
Incorporate the new measure into Standard Practice.

PI works on focusing on how and why things go right!

Purpose: The Utilization Review Department reviews the utilization of hospital resources against established criteria documentation requirements of external agencies. We monitor and evaluate the medical necessity, appropriateness, and efficient use of health care services. UR provides reports and recommendations to medical and hospital staff for improved utilization of resources and to maximize reimbursement while maintaining quality care. Purchasing



Direct Line: 803-637-1187

The Purchasing Department reviews literature on supplies and equipment and makes recommendations to other departments. Participates in group purchasing for the hospital. See that areas are kept stocked with supplies in order to take excellence care of all patients.

All purchases are ordered through the purchasing department and all shipping and receiving are received in purchasing, before being distributed to other departments.


Director- Brad Swiger

Direct Line: 803-637-1148

The Rehabilitation Department at Edgefield County Hospital is now a full-time in house service. The department offers:

Outpatient Services
Inpatient Services
Acute Care
Wound Care

A physical therapist works under the directon of your doctor to treat your health care needs with exercises and modalities. We work to prevent/ relieve pain, improve functional status, and regain lost abilities in the context of your needs evaluated at that time.

ECH Rehabilitation Department consists of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. We are equipped to handle a wide variety of diagnosis as it relates to returning an individual to their highest rehab potential.

Here are just a few examples of health care issues that are seen by therapists:

Total Hip Replacement
Total Knee Replacement
Joint pain due to injury or overuse
Back Pain

Wound Care:
Diabetic Ulcers
Circulation disorders
Pressure Ulcers

Parkinson’s disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Traumatic Brain Injury

Congestive Heart Failure
Coronary Artery Disease

It is our goal to give you the best rehabilitation experience possible. As Edgefield County Hospital’s mission statement directs, we are here to serve you with the highest quality health care service.

Social Services

Director: Mary Brightharp

Direct Line: 803-637-1182

The Social Services Department provides quality services to the patients and their families to meet their medically related Social and Emotional Needs. Services may include: Psychosocial Assessment/ Counseling, High Social Risk Screening, Information and Referral, Health Education, Financial Counseling and Discharge Planning.

Social Work Services are performed by qualified professional staff and serves patients who are insured, uninsured and underinsured.


Direcotry: Lisa Smith

Direct Line: 803-637-1175

The Radiology Department is staffed by qualified individuals with over 25 years of work experience in the field of diagnostic x-ray. All radiographers are registered by the ARRT and graduates of an accredited college. We are equipped with new state of the art equipment for providing services in the following modalities:

1. General Radiography and Fluoroscopy
2. Computed Tomography (CT)
3. Ultrasound
4. Bone Densitometry
5. Mammography is provided on-site by Palmetto Baptist Medical Center, Columbia

Radiology Equipment:

1. GE Logiq 5 Ultrasound Unit- uses sound waves to detect abnormalities in the neck, breast, abdomen, pelvis, and superficial structures.
2. GE High Speed X/I CT Scanner- uses radiation to image body structures in cross section.
3. GE Prodigy Bone Densitometry- uses radiation to scan the lumbar spine, hip, and forearm for detection of osteoporosis.
4. GE Advantix Legacy Digital Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Unit- uses radiation to image all body structures.

Environmental Services

Director of Environmental Services:Travis Haltiwanger

Direct Line: 803-637-1295 or 803-637-1131

Environmental Services plans, directs and administers the maintenance and housekeeping functions of Edgefield County Hospital. The Maintenance Department consists of 3 employees that maintain the building and grounds and all equipment within the hospital.

Housekeeping has a staff of 8 employees that work 3 shifts to keep the hospital a pleasant environment.

Travis Haltiwanger is the hospital Safety Officer. He develops and implements safety procedures to ensure a secure place for the patients, visitors, and hospital staff.

Environmental Services also carries out preventative maintenance programs as well as emergency preparedness.

Address:300 Ridge Medical Plaza
Edgefield, SC US 29824
Telephone: (803) 637-3174
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