You are not only our patients, you're our family
-Carlos Milanes, CEO

Rehabilitation Department 

Director: Brad Swiger 

Direct Line: 803-637-1148 

The Rehabilitation Department at Edgefield County Hospital is now a full-time in house service. The department offers: 

A physical therapist works under the directon of your doctor to treat your health care needs with exercises and modalities. We work to prevent/ relieve pain, improve functional status, and regain lost abilities in the context of your needs evaluated at that time. 

ECH Rehabilitation Department consists of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. We are equipped to handle a wide variety of diagnosis as it relates to returning an individual to their highest rehab potential. 

Here are just a few examples of health care issues that are seen by therapists: 


 Total Hip Replacement 

 Total Knee Replacement 

 Joint pain due to injury or overuse 

 Back Pain 

Wound Care: 

 Diabetic Ulcers 

 Circulation disorders

 Pressure Ulcers 


 Strokes Parkinson’s disease 

 Multiple Sclerosis 

 Traumatic Brain Injury 


 Congestive Heart Failure 

 Coronary Artery Disease 


 It is our goal to give you the best rehabilitation experience possible. As Edgefield County Hospital’s mission statement directs, we are here to serve you with the highest quality health care service.

Address:300 Ridge Medical Plaza
Edgefield, SC US 29824
Telephone: (803) 637-3174
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